Our sanitizer come in a Gel or Liquid formula. Effective in killing germs and bacteria. An alternative to washing hand with water and soap.

Comes in a volume of

5Ltr, 500Ml, 250Ml, 100Ml, 50Ml, 20Ml

Ever Clean Liquid soap

Hand Wash
Enriched with moisturizing and scented formula. Our hand wash leaves your hands clean, soft, smooth and dry free skin. Applicable with mounted soap dispensers. Most suitable for high human traffic areas i.e. Hotels, Restaurants,Hospitals and Public rest rooms .

Available in Different aromas:
– Apple
– Lemon
– Rose
– Strawberry

All Clean
Multipurpose Liquid
is designed for cleaning of clothes, floors, tiles, basins, bathtubs, sinks, vehicles, cookers, extractors, hoods, fryers, pots, glasses, and other kitchen appliances. It is recomended for Hotels, Hospitals and other intitutions.
Dish Wash
Formulated for both manual wash and dish washing machines, our dish washing detergent leaves dishes oil free and odorless. Skin friendly, table ware and cutlery friendly. Leaving a fresh scent, sparkling and glossy finishing.

Is highly efficient acidic stain remover.
It is applicable to toilets, toilet bowls, showers,
bathrooms, bathtubs, swimming pools, tiles etc. Do not use it on coloured surfaces/tiles.

Combat stain remover
It is slightly acidic based liquid detergent suitable for removing stains on tiles, concrete, terazzo and other surfaces .It has both cleaning and disinfecting effects coupled with quick fungicidal action. It leaves the surface sparkling clean with fresh scent. Do not use it on coloured surfaces/tiles.
Disinfect & Clean
Disinfect & clean is a concentrated disinfectant specially formulated for basic cleanig of floors, showers, bathrooms,bathtubs, tiled walls, washbasins and other hard surfaces, it will leave the surrface odour and germ free with fresh, lasting pine scent.
Car Shampoo
A concentrated gel with unique grease cutting formula suitable for both ordinary and metalic colours. Leaving your car with a fresh scent, sparking glossy finishing internally and externally