Translucent Sheets

Spects: (3m x 0.84m)
Matt 450gsm

Specs: 3m x 0.84m
Matt 450gsm

Super 6
Spects: (3m x 0.84m)
Matt 450gsm


Cutting & Drilling

Fiberlite roofing sheets may be cut by hand or by power saws.
When cutting by hand, a fine tooth blade must be used,
held at a shallow angle to the panel. When using power tools,
the best results will be obtained with a 44 to 60 grit
abrasive disc, operating at approximately 3700 rlmin.

Saw operators should wear dust-filter masks and safety glasses or
goggles. Fiberlite roofing sheets may be fixed around obstructions
using standard tin snips. Holes should be drilled, not
punched. Such holes should be drilled 3mm oversize to allow for
thermal movement: large bonded washers should be used to protect against the ingress of moisture.

Cleaning – To ensure a long life of high quality, the roofing sheets
must be cleaned with water periodically, the frequency of
which will depend on static and environmental conditions.
Detergents may be used if necessary. Persistent stains may be
removed by rubbing with bristle brush – not a wire brush.
Tar or grease deposited from industrial atmospheres may
be removed with white spirit.

Repairs – Small holes or tears may be patched with resin and
fibreglass chopped strand mat (glass-fibre reinforcement material).

Thickness available

  • 450g – Light Duty
  • 600g – Medium Duty
  • 900g – Heavy Duty

Deciding between an porcelain or
fiberglass bathtub? Well, it’s difficult to
choose a winner, but fiberglass bathtub
are trending among contractors because
they offer multiple advantaged over cast
iron or porcelain bathtubs. Fiberglass
bathtub could offer plenty of shapes that
could satisty the most demanding
homeowner and interior designer.
In addition to that, fiberglass bathtubs are
generally less expensive than other
bathtub types.

Fiberglass bathtubs can be fabricated
faster than any other, thus the pricing is
so affordable. As added value, fiberglass
bathtubs can be found on just any shape
and color. This type of bathtubs can be
manufactured almost five times thicker
than other bathtubs providing excellent
oxidizing protection, and will not discolor
through the years. lf you are planning a
remodeling job in places where you
might find space limitations, or condos
with lots of stairs and hallways, they
could be the best alternative to use
because they are not as heavy as other


Premium Quality and Heavy Duty

27X15X18 Inch

24X22X16 Inch

22X16X16 Inch

19X14X14 Inch

18X12X12 Inch

70x45x 66 cm

60x37x66 cm




- Stylish and easy to load

- Does not rust

- Repairable in case of accident

- Lighter and easy to carry compared to metal/plastic boxes

- Easy to maintain

Ideal for soft drink vendors, ice cream, Restaurant takeawy services and safari vehicles. Standard available colour is white, Customised to any colour on request. Comes with imported locks, can be manufactured as per customer specifications. Can also be branded as per specifications

Laboratory Sink

Chemical Resistant for Schools and Laboratories

Available Size

- 18 x 24 x 9 Inch

- 18 x 15 x 9 Inch

- 18 x 12 x 8 Inch

- 18 x 12 x 5 Inch

- 16 x 12 x 8 Inch

- 14 x 12 x 5 Inch

- 12 x 12 x 5 Inch

Salon Sink


- 495mm x 465mm

Standard Colour Black. But can be manufactured in any colour on customer request