Swimming Pool


- Super Chlorine 90%

- Standard Chlorine 65%

- Algiecide

- pH plus

- Pool water magic

- Flocculator

In ground Swimming Pool Construction

Fibreglass Swimming Pool Construction

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Pool Sand Filter

Sand filter combo for above-ground pools. Fully integrated sand filter, pump pressure valve, and stand. 2400 gallons per hour

Pool Hose pipe

Hose Pipe 30mtr – PWG8579BUExtruded PE. 1 1/2″ – 15M

Pool Pump

AQUAS TRONG 3/4HP Above Ground Pool Pump, 115V, 4332GPH, 1.25″&1.5”Connection, High Flow, Powerful Self Primming Swimming Pool Pumps with Filter Basket

Pool vacuum head

A pool vacuum head is an essential tool for pool maintenance as it helps remove not only visible debris but also tiny particles that may be present in the water

Pool test kit

Quick Insta test strips for a quick and accurate way of testing 6 parameters including Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, water hardness and stabiliser

Scrubbing Brush

Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush, Durable 5″ Swimming Pool Cleaner Brush Best for Tackling Stubborn Stains

Pool Net, Leaf Skimmer with Telescopic Handle

High Quality Durable Net With Telescopic Pole which can connect to all nets and brushes. 3 x 14″ telescopic pole with high quality net Suitable for ponds, pools and hot tubs

Pool ladder

Pool ladders are an essential accessory for any above-ground or in-deck pool. They provide a safe and convenient way to enter and exit the pool.

Pool light

Waterproof Pool Lights for in ground and Under Water

Pool Main Drain

Made of high quality materials to ensure maximum durability, high performance and stability. The floor drain of the main drain of the swimming pool is firm and reliable and effectively dissipates the pool water.