Our Products

Synguard Nitrile Gloves

Latex-free, powder-free and odor-free. Excellent softness and wearing fitness. Compliant with food handing requirements

Rolled hand towel

Centre-Pull - Barrel Hand Towels. Ideal for quick wiping in busy environments, Suitable for noise sensitive areas. designed to blend in with the decor of image conscious establishments.

Folded hand towel

Maximum absorption. The product’s water retention capabilities ensure the paper does not breakup thereby controlling usage and reducing wastage Hygiene One touch one towel dispensing process reducing risk of cross contamination.

Face Mask

Personal protective equipment that serves as a mechanical barrier that controls direct airflow in and out of respiratory orifices.

Disposable Apron

This apron is well tailored using supreme quality fabric made special light non absorbent material, non toxic HM LD polythene and non woven fabric for water blood and chemical resistant

Mob Cap

Full head coverage for a high level of hygienic barrier protection, made by soft spun-bond non-woven material with an elasticated brow and neck to ensure comfort

Toilet Paper

Luxurious quilted toilet paper for maximum softness, strength and absorbency.

Toilet Paper

Cosy Value White toilet paper made stronger to last longer Sifa Economy White toilet paper

Kitchen Towel


Luxurious feel- Our Serviettes gives our users trusted softness and absorbency, our serviette designs and appearance will enhance the look of your dining setup

Facial Tissues

Luxurious feel – Gives users trusted softness & absorbency our serviette designs and appearance will enhance the look of your dining setup

Disposable Polythene Gloves

Have a loose fitting design with good touch sensitivity for easy on/off use Reliable performance for short-term use applications when frequent glove changes are required Enhanced patten texture for improved grip and dexterity Latex free for reduc allergy risks

Single sheet dispensing

Effective single sheet dispensing. 1 sheet paper pull. Use only what you require

One touch one sheet dispensing process reducing risk of cross contamination.

Jumbo Toilet Paper

For high traffic areas, Delivering high capacity with minimal maintenance suitable for hotels and small businesses.